Seasonality &  Provenance

Working with many local suppliers, our chefs try to cook with seasonal ingredients wherever possible. It is important to us that our suppliers care as much as we do about the quality and  provenance of ingredients. We are grateful to all our fabulous suppliers and here are just a few that we work with…..

We buy our beautiful breakfast Cacklebean Eggs, laid by hens at Cackleberry Farm, Stow on the Wold.

The cream supplied for our Netherend Farm Butter  is sourced from a local dairy based in Gloucestershire. The cows have a predominantly grass fed diet from grazing in the pastures during the summer months and feeding them silage in the winter months.

The Organic Milk for our homemade gelato is sourced from Jessies’ Ladies Organic Farm at Hardwicke, in gorgeous Gloucestershire.

Our Sourdough & Baguettes come to us from the fabulous La Boulangerie, right here in Cheltenham. They support the slow food revolution and believe in the Artisan tradition where authentic baking is made with craft, time and passion, essential to create real bread.

Neals Yard and Harvey & Brockless supply us with some of our delicious cheeses.